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When working in the field many valuable data points are tracked manually. In the next step the aquired data has to be digitized for further usage.

This process is, depending on the respective goal, often time consuming. Especially when the data is collected for different areas of usage.

Digitize Rocks develops a simple to use software, which supports different geo domains as well as the different characteristics out-of-the-box.

Using our software you can digitize your data once and convert and export it for many different formats and expert tools.


New Start-Up

Digitize Rocks is a young start-up which has been founded early 2019 with the goal to develop a software solution to digitize analog field data.

Using our initial user research we have further developed our initial idea and worked on first solutions.

To develop our software tool specific for your use-cases we are looking for early adopters who are willing to work with us in further user research and as premier users of our software.

Discover the potential that is already available in your field data and optimize your workflows with Digitize Rocks.

Get in touch with us, we are excited to further the digitalization of field data and shape the future in workflow optimization.